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This represents no new data collection – it only represents a reanalysis of articles which have already been published.

This is an academic effort to receive input into the weaknesses or validity of this hypothesis. Virtually all attempts to receive academic input have been rejected or ignored, with four exceptions – four generous doctors who were kind enough to read and give me constructive input. To one prominent chairman of Pediatrics I am especially grateful, for making me realize that this pursuit was not a totally preposterous effort (though he does not yet agree with this conclusion).

This pursuit in no way is an attempt to reject the need for immunizations!

Immunizations have had a HUGE impact in the quality of life in our world. All attempts to reject immunizations and their benefits are generally rooted in a simplistic effort to turn the clock back while remaining blind to the lessons of the past. This is naïve and dangerous. DO NOT STOP RECEIVING ROUTINE IMMUIZATIONS. Every attempt to do this in the past has resulted in a recurrance of disease, often with permanent damage to the child as a result.

Equally naive is the idealistic belief that all progress is good and must be accepted on blind faith.

Somewhere in the reality of daily life, we discover that all progress comes with a degree of risk. When mistakes are recognized, let us not in cling to the past but boldly, yet humbly, examine our decisions, recognize our mistakes and correct them.

have no financial interests to disclose with regard to the MMR.