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autism rates chart

II. Dose Response: cumulative ↑ rate ASD:
post MMR II: 30-60/10,000  
post chickenpox: 60-90  
post Hepatitis A: ~110  
post Pentacel: ~200  

III. Biological plausibility: see Dr. Deisher experiments (soundchoice.org)

IV. Strength of Association: (early data) severity of ASD directly related to ! the # of genetic CNV (Copy Number Variant) changes:

 >12 CNV = AD
6-8 CNV = PDD

V. Analogy: Cadaver GH experience (1963-1985)
          - use of human DNA led to Jacob Creutzfeldt disease.

HYPOTHESIS: ASD is caused by vaccines grown on HH-DNA
           HH-DNA is incorporated into childhood brain DNA→ (resulting in) ASD.

There is no other unifying explanation for the INCREASED INCIDENCE of ASD

“Epidemiological studies have been the single most powerful tool to show that vaccines, like all medicines, are imperfect.” (Autism’s False Prophets, by Paul A Offit, MD, p. 110.) “This is the scientific method – isolating one variable at a time and testing it.” (ibid, p. 206.)

It is time to test this hypothesis.

If you are interested in having a slide presentation of this data:
please contact me through e-mail: distant_horizon@charter.net 
Frank Fischer MD, FAAP